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Are you one of those upset with your lean body? Have you been looking for ways to add bulk to your muscles and gain weight? You must have heard about Quick Weight Loss Tips but it might be a little new to you that these exercises can also help you in gaining weight. So, if you intend to gain lean mass and muscle, a combination of a perfect diet and right exercises is all you need to follow. 

This blog acts as a comprehensive guide and will tell you about 5 best exercises that you can follow to gain your weight. My suggestion would be to seek help from a fitness trainer for these exercises.

Exercises to gain weight for females as well as males

  • Push-ups

It is one of the most known exercises which help you build muscle in your shoulders and arms. For doing this you need to lie your face down on the floor, hands on the ground, keep your palms flat, elbows bent and shoulder-width apart. Now push your body off the ground slowly with the help of your hands and stretch the arms completely. Make sure that your whole body is off the ground supported by toes and hands. Then, bend your elbows and lower your body slowly. Take care that none of your body parts should touch the floor except your toes and hands. You must do it as many times as possible for you. 

  • Pull-ups

For doing pull-ups, you will have to get a sturdy cylindrical object and it will help you build your shoulders as well as arms’ muscles. If you have a pull-up bar, then hold it with your hands and keep your palms away from you. You need to pull yourself up to hang off the bar by making sure that your feet are not touching the floor. Ensure that your arms are straight and continue until your chin reaches above the bar. Once done, lower your body down and straighten your arms. This is up to you how many times you want to repeat this process.

  • Squats

It is one of the toughest exercises that build butt as well as legs’ muscles. To do this, you would have to stand straight and keep your feet in line with your hips. Straighten your arms forward, perpendicular to the ground and keep your entire body tight. Now lower your buttocks by breathing deeply as if you are going to sit on a chair. Make sure your thighs are parallel to the floor and your knees should not cross your big toes. Keep your body firm and straight and finally come back to the original position. 

  • Lunges

The exercise works wonders in bulking up and toning your butt and leg muscles. Keep your feet aligned with your hips and stand straight. Take a deep breath and use your left foot to take a step forward. After this, you need to kneel in a way that your knee is perpendicular to the floor. Lift yourself up by pushing back on your heel and come back to the starting position. You can repeat this 20 times on each leg and if looking for the best result, you must hold some weights to do this exercise. 

  • Bench Press

For doing bench press, you would require a flat bench to lie on and a weighted bar. The exercise plays a significant role in building triceps, chest muscles as well as the shoulder. Initially, you need to lie on your back on the flat bench and keep your body relaxed. Grab the bar and lift it slowly, make sure to stretch your arms completely. Then pull it back near your chest from where you began and ensure to bend your arms at a 90-degree angle. Do this exercise according to your comfort level and with safety

What to Eat?

You may gain enough weight by eating more, but you need to make sure that you eat to gain healthy weight. Here is a look at a diet to increase your weight with the help of proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates

Try these foods:

  • Eggs
  • Lean proteins like fish and chicken
  • Full-fat dairy
  • Fat rich fruits
  • Almonds
  • Red meat
  • Whole-grain bread

Lifestyle Changes

There are some changes that you need to implement in your lifestyle to get the most out of your workout routine without causing an adverse effect on your body

  • 6 to 8 hours of sleep
  • Meditation, massage, can spend time on your hobbies
  • Try quitting all your bad habits such as alcohol and smoking
  • Set goals and record your progress

If you want to increase weight healthily, you need to follow a balanced and disciplined approach. A blend of perfect diet and effective exercises will take you to the desired goals soon. As weight gain is gradual process unit time to get results. The exercises mentioned above will work wonders for you and help you reach your fitness goals within a short period.

Author Bio

Rupali Bhagat is an aspiring blogger and writes about different travel experiences and life in general. She hails from Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand and currently lives in Delhi. She is from Kalindi College and has a Hons degree in Journalism. She is a national badminton player and is passionate about fashion, travel, and food. 

When you’re at the gym center, you will focus on an intense workout program. And truly give your everything to lose weight. This happens to everybody. You’re certain that in any event, 30 minutes have passed. At this point, you will regularly check your watch or look at the clock on the divider. Just to understand it’s been progressively similar to five minutes – ten, tops.

You stress over what you resemble when you’re doing cardio, weight lifting, and so forth

Each and every one of us with an exercise center participation knows “that person” – the person who’s well known for making the craziest countenances when he lifts. It’s just normal to think about what we resemble when we’re working out, particularly when we’re truly propelling ourselves.

You get thirstier than you suspected was humanly conceivable

When you’re working out, water is constantly an unquestionable requirement – notwithstanding when you’re simply relaxing. You don’t have a clue about the importance of the word thirst until you’ve finished your first genuinely workout program. It resembles you can’t drink enough water! Try not to try and kick us off on how it possesses a flavor like the absolute best thing ever.

You arrive at a point where you totally can’t do one increasingly set or rep

When you’re truly killing it at the Fitness Center. Particularly when you’re working diligently propelling yourself towards another individual minutes. Where you’re certain you’re a brief instant away from reaching the stopping point is unavoidable. You feel like the perspiration is actually pouring off of you. Truth be told, you are most likely notwithstanding perspiring in spots. You didn’t have any acquaintance with you could perspire. May get exhausted.

You Drop a hand weight or the weight on the link machine

Numerous powerlifters train to outright depletion, so they know about this situation. On the off chance that this has ever transpired, you may, in any case, get somewhat red in the face when you consider it. The kicker is that sinking acknowledgment that is going to occur.

You get yourself deliberately considering what help your exercise playlist truly is

On the off chance that you’ve at long last prevailing with regards to making what you’re certain is the ideal exercise playlist, at that point, it just makes sense you feel quite darned glad for yourself. Possibly you’ve even got it so very much curated that every melody is flawlessly planned to match up with your typical circuit around the rec center. Whatever the case might be, you most likely can’t envision a workout routine– particularly an extremely exceptional one – without it.

You feel a surge of individual pride when you feel that muscle consumes kicking in.

When you’re new to working out, that consuming sensation you feel in your muscles can be awkward. Lesser people may even observe it as a sign to stop or a sign that perhaps working out truly isn’t for them. Then again, those of us who live for our rec center time and truly prefer to go hard every once in a while know reality. That sweet, sweet muscle consume is the manner by which you realize you’re truly executing it and gaining ground.

You wonder in case you’re “there” yet.

Enduring a particularly difficult set, an additional intense cardio class, or a difficult individual exercise that truly constrained you to push your limits is an encounter like no other. You feel suitably depleted, yet siphoned also – so siphoned, truth be told, that you start thinking about whether you’re anyplace close to your definitive objective yet.

You start acknowledging you’re truly burning some major calories.


Everybody who works out hard starts feeling like they need to breathe in everything consumable inside reach. The harder you work out, the hungrier you’ll be! It’s imperative to appropriately renew your body in the wake of a difficult day at the exercise center. Simply ensure you eat well and refreshingly. Avoid the outing to the drive-through that no uncertainty sounds great at this moment. Boost recuperation by picking lean proteins, entire grains, and a lot of crisp produce.

You have a hero minute when that unexpected flood of superhuman vitality hits you.

You may not be certain where it originates from. Yet you experience it at some point or another each time you embrace an intense workout program. Supernatural burst of vitality that discovers you exactly when you believe you’re coming up short on steam. 1 second you will feel like you’re getting worn out & watching the clock. Asking yourself why time appears to have all of a sudden halted. It resembles like you’re controlled by the Flash. Abruptly you’re decidedly destroying it.

You feel like the living encapsulation of Rocky Balboa when you’re at last wrapped up.

The intake, the test, and the unavoidable outcomes that gradually begin to uncover themselves can be amazingly irresistible. Ardent exercise fans even arrive at a point where they figure out how to long for those worn-out muscles and anticipate their post-rec center protein shakes. In any case, nothing looks at the sentiment of individual pride and triumph you feel. When you effectively make it completely through a particularly intense workout program. Especially on the off chance that you actually truly propelled yourself.

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