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From ages, we have been using plastic straw without thinking how much poisonous these straws are for our health and environment.  With an increase in the number of plastic straw on the earth, nature and water animals are most affected. Plus, plastic straws are made out of chemical substances that may lead to severe problems.

Environment and Health Hazards of Using Plastic Straws:

  • Plastic Straws are Non-Biodegradable

One of the main disadvantages of using plastic straws is that it is non-biodegradable. It means that it stays in the environment for a longer time. To be precise, plastic is made of polymers that do not break down naturally. Therefore, it is harmful to the environment as it could have adverse effects on the soil.

  • Plastic Straws Pollute Ocean

Regardless of the various reasons, most of the plastic straws are found near the ocean. And since it is non-biodegradable, it tends to affect the ocean and its water. Most people like to drink aerated drinks, coconut water, and other drinks through plastic straws near the beaches, which easily get transferred into the ocean, making it contaminated. If the same case continues, there will be more plastic in the ocean than plants and fishes by the end of 2050, which means there will be no flora and fauna underwater. You can imagine how poisonous the water of the ocean will turn.

  • Plastic is made out of Toxic Material

You agree, or not plastic is made out of the toxic and carcinogenic materials. Carcinogens and the products made out of carcinogenic substances can increase the chances of cancer. The ingredient has the potential to damage the DNA in cells and hinders with biological processes and lead to tumor. Though most of the plastic straws are now BPA-Free, they still contain some traces of a chemical that are not good for the environment and health as well.

Best Alternatives for Plastic Straws:

  • Bamboo Straws

Bamboo is biodegradable; thus, it does not contaminate the environment. Bamboo is made of the natural ingredient, which makes it safe for the heath as well. It does not have any chemicals and pesticides, dyes which can affect your health. Moreover, bamboo is versatile and one of the renewable crops. However, make sure you wash them with your hands and keep it in the dry and ventilated place. 

  • Metal or Stainless Steel Straws

Unlike Bamboo straws, metal or stainless steel straws are robust. You can use them for longer and carry along with you easily. Plus, you can even wash them in a dishwasher. Though these are a bit pricey, but this would be a onetime investment for a healthy body and nature. You can easily get such types of straws at an online store like Vaya. It has an extensive range of stainless steel utensils that includes tiffin, glasses, and more. Plus, you can make use of the Vaya coupon code and score a hefty discount on the online purchase.

  • Glass Straws

If you are looking for an eco-friendly yet healthy alternative of plastic straws, then glass straws are also an excellent option. Though these can break easily, but if you use them with caution, they can go a long way, just like your old glasses. Plus, these are easy to clean. Also, these are available in numerous colors and different designs.

  • Silicone Straws

Another substitute for plastic straws is silicon straws. Unlike most of the straws, these are good for teeth and kids as well. Silicone straws are made of excellent quality products. Though silicon is non-biodegradable but can be recycled, this makes it a perfect option to substitute plastic straws.

Things to Consider While Buying Reusable Straws:

  • The straw you are opting should be made of the hygienic material that does not affect the environment and your health.
  • Straws should be easy to clean.
  • Look for the straw with ideal length.
  • Invest in the straws that can be used multiple times. 

Other Benefits of Using Plastic Straws Alternatives:

  • Stainless steel straws, glass straws, and silicone straws are easy to clean. Apart from glass straws, others can be cleaned even in the dishwasher.
  • Stainless steel and other alternatives to the plastic straw listed above are reusable. They do not leach chemicals and does not interact with the food you are consuming.
  • All these straws are safe for kids, and you can even travel with them.


Plastic straws are not only harmful to the environment but for our bodies as well. These are made out of the chemicals that can lead to fatal problems like cancer and tumor. Moreover, it is non-biodegradable, which means it is not safe for nature. It is high time to stop using plastic straws and start using healthy and eco-friendly alternatives.

Having a work out day and planning to grab a bottle of cold press juice with you? This is a must-read before you do that. A lot of hype is created about the cold-pressed juice, whether this is good for health. A lot of stores and online stores have cold-pressed juices sold in retail. Some claim they are not that good for your health.

Are you trying to shed some extra flab and cut down carbs through junk food? Then cold-pressed juices are the right option for you. Let’s first try and understand what is a cold-pressed juice, how is it made, how much does it cost and how much healthier for you? This blog will help you understand cold-pressed juices.

What is cold-pressed juice?

On a mid-summer day, if you are looking for a healthy drink to satisfy your thirst, you have cold-pressed juice. Cold pressing is the process of pressing the fruit or vegetable at high pressure to extract the juice in it. This is similar to the type of juice that our grandma used to squeeze for us when we were little. 

The fruit or vegetables are pressed between high-pressure plates and squeezed to extract the juice. This juice is filled with vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Why cold-pressed juice?

Regular fruit juices are just glucose and fibers. Fibers are the natural form of sugar. It is equal to drink a coke in the sugar content-wise. Moreover, these commercial juices are just advertising gimmicks and they do not have any vitamins as promised. No one has proved a commercial juice as healthy until today.

The fresh juice in the case, are using blades to extract the juice. Again when the blades rotate, they diminish the vitamins and other healthy substances in the juice. That is why cold-pressed juices are preferred. Cold press is so famous and they are available even in Starbucks. Every store has cold-pressed juices with them today.

The environmental activists claim that bottled juices are not as environmentally friendly as fresh juices, since, they are packed in plastic bottles. Keeping the environment in concern a canned juice is not a very healthy option to drink when you are thirsty. Health-wise it is advisable that you drink any fruit juice that is freshly prepared and irrespective of the method of preparation.

How much do they cost?

These cold-pressed juices are much costly when compared with the other fresh juices or canned juices. Typically they cost $5-$10 per single-serve bottle, which is way too high. Sometimes we feel these price tags are real high and doubt whether they are healthful as the price. Purchasing several juice bottles in a week will make your monthly grocery bill touch towers.

What are its health benefits?

They have so many health benefits. They are filled with antioxidants such as flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals as in any fresh fruit juice. If you are looking for a health drink after a day’s work or after hitting the gym, then cold-pressed juices are the best options.

So why cold-pressed is not the best?

We agree that cold-pressed juices are natural drinks but they cannot de-bloat or detox as you believe in. Like another juice it has high sugar content and added to it, the fiber is missing in cold-pressed as they are squeezed away. Do not blindly trust cold-pressed juices as a health magic drink. They are not; they are fruit juices extracted in a different form.

Pasteurization of the juices kills the microbial in them. This happens when you extract the juice using the conventional blender method. In the cold-pressed method, the juice is not pasteurized and may contain some leftover microbial.

Cold-pressed juices are a complimentary healthy diet. They can act as an extra boost to go on with your work. They are not a magical potion which can benefit you in all healthy way. There is no science baked proof for 100% benefits of cold-pressed juices. If you love juice and want one to drink because you are thirsty, you go ahead and drink one. All fresh fruit juices have an equal amount of health benefits and there are no special benefits through the cold-pressed juices.

Hey! Have you ever thought of dance(Zumba) as a part of exercise that can help you to lose weight? 

If no, Then let me tell you, if you are depressed because you have done so much work? Or you are worried because your weight is increasing day by day and you’ve just imagine your horrible future with a bulky body? 

Don’t worry you have a marvelous entertainment which can solve your all problems just like magic. If you are ever interested in music and dance then definitely you ever heard about Zumba. Yes, you get it right. Zumba is not just about dance anymore. It is a magic trick which can escape yourself from many problems. Just play the favorite beats and follow its rhythm with your feet, close your eyes and imagine your wonderland. Oh! You are Feeling relaxed with this smart little effort. Exactly Zumba does this with a more beautiful way. It boosts up the energy level and makes you energetic. You can take many advantages from Zumba like Burn calories, Maintain weight, Changing mood, Boost energy, Improving health, Maintain heart health, Refreshing mind, Strengthen and total body toning, etc.

How will lose weight by Zumba? 

Zumba is a calorie-burning cardiovascular workout for you. And it based on Latin dance moves, these movements are a combination of belly dance, hip-hop, and salsa in Zumba. This fantastic designation urges you to have fun and can help you to stick with this workout even if you usually dislike exercise.  Because Zumba burns calories so quickly, it can help you lose a significant amount of weight in a small duration. Whenever start practicing Zumba it is necessary to, h, etc. Proteins are also an essential part of your meal like chicken, eggs, or fish. Try hard that these simple foods must be used in daily meals. 

How Zumba is beneficial for the heart?

Zumba dance is also much useful for the heart because it decreases the chances of heart disease. can maintain the cholesterol level and also blood pressure by adding it as an exercise in his daily routine. So make your heart healthy and forever young by enjoying this dance.

How Zumba burn calories? 

You can burn your calories with Zumba. If a person having weight one hundred and fifty-five pound with the intake of 532 calories he can definitely burn up-to 3500 calories in 2 weeks by doing 2 to 3 hour of workout. 

Is Zumba reduce the belly fat? 

Yes, obviously it can reduce belly fats as you are adding it as an exercise as well as fun also having good control in your diet. It will help you to decrease belly fats and turned your body into a perfect shape. Probably people think that if they start Zumba and leave it after some time it may be harmful and they gain weight again? Their minds are thinking in the right way because whenever you left this activity obviously their body becomes unfit, and gain weight due to lack of exercise.

Why Zumba is better than the gym?

Zumba is better than gym due to various reasons. It is fun as well as exercise. Moreover, you don’t need to go anywhere for enjoying it. Just play the music and enjoy at your room. You don’t need any other special place for this amusing activity. It is the best activity for those who hate exercise. 

Although it has many benefits and these benefits proves that it is not just about dance anymore. But where it proves it is really very beneficial for every kind and any age of people. It also has some disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage of it is that if you left this activity you’ll start gaining weight and become Lazy. Also, the chances of injuries by tripping or slipping are increasing which can cause muscle injury.

Precautions you have  to follow :

  • Avoid wearing slippery things like socks and slippers they might be the cause of slipping.
  • Choose the clean surface but not slippery surface whenever you want to enjoy Zumba.
  • Make sure there are no harmful things like banana peels, oil, etc.

By using these precautions you will enjoy Zumba dance plus workout and can live your life with a better way by pleasuring your own self without the help of others. That’s why you’ll realize it is not dancing anymore but it is fun having a vast chain of benefits within this fun. Adopt Zumba in your daily routine and spend life with amazingly pleasure full way.