Teens can have a hard time self-motivating to get active. However, there are a plethora of reasons for teens to introduce physical activity into their daily routines. Exercise can provide teenagers with a wide range of benefits, from fostering teamwork to releasing stress. We hope you find reasons to encourage your teen to get physically active!

It’s Fun!

First of all, exercise is fun! Getting outdoors and physically active can be great fun for both you and your teen. Whether it is playing basketball at a local court, going for a hike on a Sunday morning, or attending a weekly yoga class, it is possible to find an activity that promotes healthy exercise habits. The trick is finding an activity that engages both you and your teen. 

It helps if your teen already has a favorite sport or activity, as it can be easiest to play to your teen’s interests. If they enjoy going on runs in parks, plan a day during the week to go on a run together. If not, one method to find an activity that caters to both you and your teen is to try a variety of forms of exercise. Try a new exercise each week for a month and monitor which one they find the most enjoyable!


Additionally, exercising with your teen is a wonderful way to spend time together. It is common for teens and their parents to have challenges communicating with each other. Having a planned activity in which you and your teen spend time together can increase the lines of communication with your teen. Spending time together while focusing on a common objective or activity can foster a conversation that otherwise wouldn’t have occurred between both parties. Use physical exercise as a way to talk to your teen!

Stress Release

Exercise offers a great outlet for stress release. There are many aspects of a teen’s daily life that are primed to attract stress. Struggling with high school classwork, social interactions, puberty, along with the rising risks and responsibilities as they near adulthood can be overwhelming to teens. Having physical exercise in their weekly routine can help reduce the amount of stress that coalesces over a typical week for a teenager. Encouraging scheduled physically active provides a healthy outlet for them to release stress. This assists in developing healthy methods of stress release for teens, rather than having them bottle negative emotions without any outlets.

Increases Focus

It is common for teens to have lots of pent-up energy needed release. Sitting in classrooms all day doesn’t exactly help release built-up energy. As a result, teens can be prone to distraction because they haven’t been able to outlet their energy, making chores and school work appear more challenging than it is. Having regular exercise after a school day will make your teen feel tired. Consequently, they could have an easier time directing their energy towards homework in a more productive manner.

In order for these benefits to be reaped, it’s best to find a regular form of activity during the week that your teen can participate. If there is a sports team at school that doesn’t cut students or a PE class that your teen is interested. Encourage them to go for it! Using phrases on encouragement can help motivate your teen to get involved in a club or sport that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Builds Goal-Setting Skills

In a team environment, exercise is an incredible way for your teen to set and complete goals. Having a group of peers to assist discussion and decisions on which goals are achievable to your teen can develop goal-oriented skills. Your teen will learn how to set reasonable goals of improvement over short periods of time, and how those smaller goals lead to steady improvement over a long period of time. This skill will be crucial to have as they enter the workforce, so encourage team athletics today!

Fosters Teamwork

Exercise, especially done in the context of a team or partner, is a great way to foster teamwork. By focusing on a common goal, your teen will learn how to strategize, plan, and execute goals with their teammates or workout partners. Through accomplishing these tasks, teens will gain experience in how to work best in team environments. This will allow them to understand the best way they function in a team environment, and help them learn where they can improve. Team environments can help your child grow into the adult you know they can be!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide can help get your teen exercising! Physical activity is one of the best ways to lead a healthy life, and there are so many benefits beyond staying in shape. Every day is beautiful, so get physically active and enjoy the world!

Author Bio:

Andy Earle is a researcher who studies parent-teen communication and adolescent risk behaviors. He is the co-founder of talkingtoteens.com, ghostwriter at Write It Great, and host of the Talking to Teens podcast, a free weekly talk show for parents of teenagers.


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