Men consider their chest muscles together as the highest muscles in the show, only surpassed by their biceps. For women, the chest muscles are vital to maintaining the cheerful appearance of their breasts. These are the first reasons why many people look for the simplest chest exercises they will use. Well, look no further because the following list should provide you with everything you would like to understand regarding the simplest chest exercises.

Bar Bench Press

The bar bench press is understood because the king of all chest exercises reasons constantly. If you were forced to settle for just three of the simplest chest exercises, this exercise should still be on that list. There are several variations of the flat bar bench press that you can simply choose. In general, bench presses with a closed grab bar usually work the triceps, while bench presses with a wide grab bar are considered atypical builders of the chest muscles. The bench press with a medium grip bar is the best to strengthen both the triceps and the pectorals; the best thing is that it also strengthens your shoulders.

Full Body Training

Full body training, of course, it is not enough that you simply know what the simplest chest exercises are; you should also find out how to integrate them into a full-body workout to get the simplest results. The barbell or dumbbell bench press (either flat or inclined) should be your main chest exercise for each training session. Follow this exercise with a back or exercise, and then do dives or flights immediately followed by calves or abdominal exercises. If you choose to try a bench press as your main chest exercise, you should perform tilt flights after the back or the exercise. On the other hand, if the chest exercises you prefer are inclined bench presses, then flat flights should follow to the rear of the exercise.

These combinations are perfect for optimal lifting and for hitting the pectorals from a secondary angle. In an equivalent time, a secondary set of muscles is working: the shoulders during the flights and, therefore, the triceps during the dives. The day after this type of training, you should perform polymeric push-ups or applause due to the only chest exercise for the day. Ten sets of five reps should be enough. The goal is to focus solely on explosive training in the chest a day. Remember that this type of exercise should be explosive, so you should never do it slowly or in a compromised way. That’s why it’s important to prevent after ten series; doing more can end in a slower movement or in a bad way. 

Dumbbell Bench Press


The Dumbbell Bench Press ranks second on our list of the simplest chest exercises because it is an incredible way to ensure that you simply do not experience any strength imbalance between the two sides of your body. This exercise is also recommended because it works with the natural function of the chest muscles and specializes in moving the weights towards the center of the body. You will prefer to do incline bench press, with a slope or flat dumbbell. If you select bench press with flat dumbbells, you will also prefer to use a good, medium or close grip during the exercise. 

Explosive Push-Ups

explosive pushups

Regardless of the proportion of time, you spend doing bench press or another type of chest exercise, you should never do push-ups without any consideration. This exercise is an excellent way to develop power not only in your chest but also in your shoulders and triceps. Clapping and doing polymeric push-ups are the two types of push-ups most recommended for you to do. There is a bit of debate as to the position of your head during pushups. Ideally, you should keep your head and appearance forward when performing this exercise. But once you do polymeric push-ups jumping on the weights, then you will surely have no choice but to look depressed to avoid losing your goal. 

Chest Dives

Chest Dives

Closely resemble the movement of the bench presses in decline, except that it works more to strengthen the triceps to press the chest. If you have an unpleasant shoulder, it is recommended that you simply refrain from doing this exercise or stay with superficial dives. If you feel your shoulders are strong enough and choose to incorporate this exercise into your routine and then remember to lean forward slightly to maintain tension in your Pecs rather than your triceps.

The most common variations of this exercise are assisted chest, body weight, and heavy dives. Dumbbell flights are not as important as chest exercises, but they will be very effective recovery exercises. Of course, you can rest for every day or two after doing intense chest workouts, but that does not mean that you should neglect the exercise of your chest during that period. Dumbbell flights leave an honest stretch and increase blood flow to all or some areas of your chest. 

It is also considered a key exercise for muscle growth and adaptability, so it is included in our list of the five best exercises for the chest. Once you do this exercise, be careful not to bring your arms completely perpendicular to the ground at the highest part of the movement. On the contrary, you should stop the movement when your arms have about 15 degrees of need to be completely over your head. Be sure to regulate all movement along with the chest muscles and frontal deltoids as well, rather than along with the triceps.

Integration of Divided Training

Integration of Divided Training

If you are one of those people who prefer a divided training program, which works in different parts of the body every day, then this is how you will integrate the simplest chest exercises in your training routine: Perform a bench press followed immediately by an inclined bench press and then follow with dives or flies. It is better to try to make a bar with a dumbbell movement, but if you prefer to make two equivalent movements, then that is also acceptable. As with full-body training, you should do an explosive chest workout on a separate day from strength training. It is important to specialize in your efforts to create and strengthen the chest muscles.

And if you want to gain higher profits during this area, you should limit your squat and deadlight exercises to maintenance levels for approximately 4-6 weeks, the amount within which you should prioritize chest training. If you only want to calculate your chest muscles without necessarily being anxious to specialize in it, then you will continue along with your regular training schedules with the five best fully integrated chest exercises.

Final Thought

final thought

Now you recognize what are the simplest chest exercises and how to integrate them into a full-body workout or a divided exercise routine. The next step required is that you discover how to perform these exercises with the correct form and movement. If you are currently working with a private physical trainer, you will ask your coach to help you perform these chest exercises. Otherwise, you will watch online videos or illustrated instruction guides. Regardless of how you choose to try, the important thing is that you simply take action and act now.


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