Can yoga be used for fitness purposes? Well, although yoga is used as a workout routine, it does not fall in the aerobic exercises, which involves a lot of movements and lifting. Yoga includes more athletic varieties such as power yoga which may also trigger the body to sweat, build strength and muscles. So, the answer to this is yes. Yoga can be used as a fitness workout if done well and if you include all the necessary power yoga moves.

There are a lot of body moves involved in doing yoga, especially when flexing, and strength building considering you have to use your body to create balance. Note that fitness does not necessarily include having a ripped chest, or being a size six-woman, fitness means being able to live and do your normal daily activities, and still be in a good state of mind and body.

So, if yoga helps you maintain a healthy body, well, you can use it for fitness purposes. Nowadays People practice yoga in Nepal, India, eastern and western countries and has been one of the loved fitness activity.

Here are a few yoga moves that you can use to help you stay fit.

1. High lunges

Lunges are great workout moves that target the lower body parts. Lunges help tone the lower body parts and the core since you have to involve your legs when moving up and down, plus the core to create a balance. High lunges are ideal for people who want to create more resistance since you have to spread your legs further.

How to perform high lunges

  • Stand with your feet and hips apart
  • Place the hands on your hips and move your left foot forward about 3 feet apart from the right leg
  • Bend the front leg (left foot) 90 degrees angle
  • Then straighten the right leg gently
  • Then raise your hands high and ensure the pelvic remains straight to protect the lower back from injury. Return to the original position and repeat the same move with the other food
  • Alternate the feet for about 5 to 7 reps

2. Do yoga warrior three moves

Warrior three is a yoga exercise that helps you build muscles and strength to the body, especially the core and the legs since it involves creating a body balance with self-support. This kind of yoga workouts helps to build muscles on the legs, the core and the arms.

How to do warrior three-move

  • Stand in a high lunge move, push your right foot back and lift the left foot to the torso length. Then spread your arms apart as further as you can while maintaining a straight form on the upper body part. 

3. Stand Split

Yoga is known to help in improving one’s flexibility which helps to improve their posture, joints and also overall well-being. One of the yoga workouts that promote flexibility is the stand-up split. It involves a lot of stretching of the body and building of strength on the stretched parts. 

How to do stand split

  • Start by standing up with the legs and shoulders apart
  • Bend your upper body parts and reach your hands towards the ankle on the right side
  • Swing your left foot and lift it as high as you can
  • Repeat the same using the left foot, and you can do as many stretches as you can.

4. Do Arm-Twist

This yoga workout helps to strengthen and tone the waist area and the hands. It can also help to build muscles around the feet area since you have to utilize the legs to create balance.

How to do arm-twist

  • Position your body in a runner’s lunge position with your left foot behind (ensure you are stepping with the toes)
  • Place your hands on the sides of the front foot
  • Lift your right hand high and twist it to the left side until you feel your skin stretching around the waist area
  • Hold it for 10 seconds and resume the original position. Alternate the foot and repeat the same move using the right foot and left hand.

5. Do side planks

Planks are typical workout routines and are categorized as callisthenic workouts because they target a large group of muscles. Planks help in toning and creating strength on both the upper and lower body parts.

How to do side planks

  • Lie flat on either side of your body, for example on the left side
  • Then press the left hand to the ground and raise your body while still in the same position
  • You can either opt to extend your arm up or place it on your waist to create some balance. Hold the body in the area for about 5 to 10 seconds. Go back to the start position and alternate with the other side.
  • Do as many reps as you can

6. Yoga pushups

Yoga pushups are done just like other pushups only in much slower motion. The yoga pushups help to tone the core and lower body parts while creating strength in the upper body areas.

How to do yoga pushups

  • Place both of your palms on the floor, and place your body in a plank position
  • Squeeze your butt, tighten your legs and the core and lower your body but don’t reach to the floor
  • Bring your body back to the original position
  • Repeat this for about ten times.


Other than using the above-discussed yoga workouts to improve your physical fitness. Use meditation, and deep breathing to help you improve your mental and spiritual fitness. If you need guidance on how to utilize yoga for fitness, consider hiring a yoga instructor. Various professional yogi gurus offer advice on how to embark on yoga workouts. There are some cities best known to offer yoga retreats in the whole world like Nepal. So, if you plan to visit the town for a vacation or retreat activities, well you can also enjoy yoga in Nepal with your family or friends.



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