Having a work out day and planning to grab a bottle of cold press juice with you? This is a must-read before you do that. A lot of hype is created about the cold-pressed juice, whether this is good for health. A lot of stores and online stores have cold-pressed juices sold in retail. Some claim they are not that good for your health.

Are you trying to shed some extra flab and cut down carbs through junk food? Then cold-pressed juices are the right option for you. Let’s first try and understand what is a cold-pressed juice, how is it made, how much does it cost and how much healthier for you? This blog will help you understand cold-pressed juices.

What is cold-pressed juice?

On a mid-summer day, if you are looking for a healthy drink to satisfy your thirst, you have cold-pressed juice. Cold pressing is the process of pressing the fruit or vegetable at high pressure to extract the juice in it. This is similar to the type of juice that our grandma used to squeeze for us when we were little. 

The fruit or vegetables are pressed between high-pressure plates and squeezed to extract the juice. This juice is filled with vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Why cold-pressed juice?

Regular fruit juices are just glucose and fibers. Fibers are the natural form of sugar. It is equal to drink a coke in the sugar content-wise. Moreover, these commercial juices are just advertising gimmicks and they do not have any vitamins as promised. No one has proved a commercial juice as healthy until today.

The fresh juice in the case, are using blades to extract the juice. Again when the blades rotate, they diminish the vitamins and other healthy substances in the juice. That is why cold-pressed juices are preferred. Cold press is so famous and they are available even in Starbucks. Every store has cold-pressed juices with them today.

The environmental activists claim that bottled juices are not as environmentally friendly as fresh juices, since, they are packed in plastic bottles. Keeping the environment in concern a canned juice is not a very healthy option to drink when you are thirsty. Health-wise it is advisable that you drink any fruit juice that is freshly prepared and irrespective of the method of preparation.

How much do they cost?

These cold-pressed juices are much costly when compared with the other fresh juices or canned juices. Typically they cost $5-$10 per single-serve bottle, which is way too high. Sometimes we feel these price tags are real high and doubt whether they are healthful as the price. Purchasing several juice bottles in a week will make your monthly grocery bill touch towers.

What are its health benefits?

They have so many health benefits. They are filled with antioxidants such as flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals as in any fresh fruit juice. If you are looking for a health drink after a day’s work or after hitting the gym, then cold-pressed juices are the best options.

So why cold-pressed is not the best?

We agree that cold-pressed juices are natural drinks but they cannot de-bloat or detox as you believe in. Like another juice it has high sugar content and added to it, the fiber is missing in cold-pressed as they are squeezed away. Do not blindly trust cold-pressed juices as a health magic drink. They are not; they are fruit juices extracted in a different form.

Pasteurization of the juices kills the microbial in them. This happens when you extract the juice using the conventional blender method. In the cold-pressed method, the juice is not pasteurized and may contain some leftover microbial.

Cold-pressed juices are a complimentary healthy diet. They can act as an extra boost to go on with your work. They are not a magical potion which can benefit you in all healthy way. There is no science baked proof for 100% benefits of cold-pressed juices. If you love juice and want one to drink because you are thirsty, you go ahead and drink one. All fresh fruit juices have an equal amount of health benefits and there are no special benefits through the cold-pressed juices.


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