For healthy eating, we prefer a healthy diet and a healthy diet delivers the food that your body needs each day and remains under the daily calorie goal of weight loss. A healthy eating program will also reduce your risk of cardiovascular and other disorders.

A Healthy Eating Plan

  • Heavy emphasis on vegetables, seeds, whole or non-grease and low-fat milk products.
  • Saturated and trans, salt and extra sugar requirements.
  • Tracking the size of portions.

Role of Calories on our Body

Healthy Eating Benefits

Many individuals have to reduce their calorie levels (energy-IN) and increasing their exercise (energy-OUT) in order to lose weight. Therefore, daily consumption is to be reduced by 500 to 750 calories with a weight loss of 1 to 1/2 pounds per week.

In General

  1. Diet schedules for 1,200 to 1,500 calories per day will help the majority of women comfortably lose weight.
  2. Diet schedules with 1,500-1,800 calories each day are ideal for men and women with a greater weight or who regularly exercise.

Ultra-low-calorie diets of less than 800 calories per day are not allowed to be used unless a physician watches you.

The Food Month this year is targeted at increasing public awareness of healthy eating to increase appetite and help reduce food and non-communicable disorders, such as obesity, cardiovascular and diabetes.

Although the nutrition month is held annually in July, activities to sustain the main messages are carried out throughout the year. This is based on the assumption that food is not just a monthly endeavor. A dedication to good nutrition is an essential prerequisite for maintaining a healthy and productive society.

So Why Do We Need to Make a Healthy Diet a Habit?

healthy Eating Healthy Diet
  • The cornerstone for good health is a healthy diet, which is part of a healthy lifestyle. Whether shielding and rendering them vulnerable to food or NCDs is a diet of our own. Lifestyle-related disorders, often known as NCDs, affects adolescents, adults and the elderly because the foods and activities are not safe. We can maintain a healthy weight and reduce risks of developing NCDs by following rich and nutritious diets that fulfill our nutritional requirements and eliminate high fat, sugar and sodium products.
  • In the first 1000 days of life from conception to the second birthday, achieving optimum growth and development capacity is essential. Better maternal health, breasts, supplementary feeding, improve the long-term health and the protection of NCDs and malnutrition for babies and young children in these golden opportunities. In order to meet the nutritional needs of children for development and growth, continuous breastfeeding within the first 6 months is sufficient. Therefore complimentary nutrition with breastfeeding will be compatible with the increasing need for the child’s nutrients after 6 months. Such activities were recognized internationally as an investment in the future of a baby.
  • The Philippines don’t eat healthy meals. In 2013 just 35% of Philippines ‘ households met their needed energy and Nutrient requirement according to the 2013 National Nutrition Survey (NNS) from the DOST Food & Nutrition Research Institute. Failure to meet energy needs disrupts a person’s metabolic process, bodily processes, and health. Regular energy and food needs can fulfill healthy all that we need for a healthy diet, thus maintaining optimal health.
  • The growing number of the Philippines is being impacted by overweight and obesity. 3 out of 10 Filipino adults obese in NNS 2013. While Filipino kids’ overweight is 5 percent between the ages of 0 and 5 and 9.1 percent between the ages of 5 and 10. In other words, overweight and diabetes are major risk factors for the production of NCDs. These are considered a public health emergency. The use of a healthy diet and physical activity for life will avoid overweight or obesity.
  • Increased availability and limited exposure to fresh fruits and vegetables are all the more significant in terms of a healthy diet. In addition, this does not simply mean making healthy food choices. This will include the supply of healthier foods to those in the food industry through the reformulation of fat, salt, and sugar-low goods.

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The Bottom Line

In conclusion, it’s not easy to break the traditions and change your health. Nonetheless, some approaches can help you keep losing weight in your diet plans. Moreover, these include conscientious cooking, unhealthy snacks, healthy snacks or standards control. Nor do you understand what works long-term for yourself, one of the secrets of good diets?

Some of the above techniques can give you a major advantage when you try to lose weight. Don’t have to wait until July to start a daily bodybuilding meal plan. Start now, the healthy habit and live it.


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