Are you suffering from bloating even after a light meal? Is your belly making you feel terrible although you are trying your best to stay fit? It is probably what you ate. Bloating is common among everyone. Nearly 22-40% of people experience bloating. Puffed out belly and indigestion are the symptoms of bloating. You may feel heavily filled and your belly pops out after a meal.

There are various reasons for bloating:

  • Food
  • Some health conditions

Changing the way you eat and the food you eat will help you reduce bloating! Lets de-bloat together. I write this article to help those popped out bellies to be flat.

What is Tumesce (bloating) and what causes it?


As discussed, bloating is a feeling that says you are filled and your belly pops out. It is common in an unhealthy lifestyle like no physical activity, alcoholic and unhealthy eating habits. Alcohol is the main reason for bloating and as the famous saying goes, “beer belly”. Beer causes bloating and the sugar alcohols used a sugar substitute in candies and sweets cause bloating.

Some well-known and healthy foods also cause bloating like apples, beans, lentils, wheat, barley, rye, garlic, and onions. The entire above said are known to everyone and almost any special high-calorie food will contain them.

10 foods that help you De-Bloat

I write these 10 foods as I have used them to de-bloat. There are some easy and healthy fitness medicines in our kitchen that we don’t use most of the time. The following 10 foods are such easy medicines that are always available in your kitchen.

1. Water

Yes! Water helps you to DE-bloat soon. Some pole seldom drink water, even when they feel bloated. But they should be drinking more water to feel de-bloated.

2. Lemon water

When you feel bloated that when you push more fluids into your body. They help you be-bloat. Warm water with lemon helps you retain the salts in the body and make your belly feel flat.

3. Celery

Celery helps in digestive movements. They are long considered as the best medicine for indigestion. Indigestion is the reason for bloating. Cucumber, parsley and summer squashes will also help you with fluid retention.

4. Watermelon

The juiciest of all melons available help you with bloating. It has 92% of water and a great source of potassium. A balance between the sodium levels and potassium levels must be considered when dealing with bloating.

5. Turmeric and rosemary

Of all the spices, turmeric and rosemary will help you reduce tumesce. Rosemary is used to fighting from many diseases like heartburns, headaches, high blood pressure, and toothache. Turmeric fights pain and inflammation.

6. Yogurt

Lactose sensitive people can use yogurt instead. As yogurt is pre-digested, therefore it does not cause tumesce as milk. In yogurt, the milk proteins are split down and smooth for metabolism.

7. Ginger

The best medicine used in the Asian region to reduce bloating gingerols and shoals will help release the gas and de-bloat. In this way, you get a less puffy stomach.  Fresh ginger is the remedy for any issues related to digestion like bloating, nausea, digestive issues, and gas.

8. Asparagus

It is a natural diuretic and has amino acids. It helps you urinate more and reduces the swell up. Asparagus is filled with goodness and it relieves you from bloating.

9. Bananas

Bananas are rich in potassium and help you increase your potassium level. Eating a banana before a meal or the workout will help you reduce 50% of swell up. Potassium regulates the fluids in your body and helps you pee the extra fluids.

10. Pineapple

Digestive enzyme called bromelain is present in pineapple that breaks down the protein in you and reduces the stomach related issues. The stem of the fruit has more of that enzyme and using it in a smoothie will be helping you for a flat belly.

Other reason:

If you have a serious health condition like liver or kidney problems, you may experience swelling up. Consult a doctor if you feel bloated almost all the time.


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